08 March 2010

my blog title

Hollow Kitty
i've decided to start a blog of my own but i can't seem to think of a name for it..  i wanted to have the initials HK to go along with my online name but there isn't any title i can think of that can be appropriate, catchy, and easy to remember..  i do like Hello Kitty a lot that's where my name came from but then i wouldn't want to concentrate on posts about Hello Kitty alone..  i wanted a much more diverse blog with posts about different stuffs and i do have a lot of ideas on my mind but they all just disappear..  and i didn't get a chance to even write them down so i thought of this name "Hollow Kitty”..  cause i’ve always been feeling empty.. hollow deep inside for some reason and so i hope with this blog.. i’ll share my thoughts and maybe your comments will fill in the emptiness within me..


  1. Your blog is brilliant and I love the design. Have you ever thought of doing web design or anything like that? I love it and I also gear towards darker colors where alot of Hello Kitty fans go towards pink and lighter colors.

  2. Thanks ^_^!
    i had plans before on making "web designing" as a hobby.. i did some online self study on html and a little of java script and style sheets.. just a little.. then, i got busy with other stuffs like online games.. but now i traded my online gaming hours for blogging.. it's a big change but i seem to be doing just fine..