12 December 2012


it's 12-12-12.. and yes, i'm sort of back.. i just thought of posting this on this special once in a lifetime date.. although, i will be coming back officially on 2013.. i really don't like explaining myself so i won't be explaining why i was gone for such a very long time.. though maybe i might but not at this moment.. just a teaser.. i have some new hello kitty stuffs to show and feature.. and most importantly.. i've sort of come to understand myself.. this emptiness i have.. and i will try my best to explain even if i hate explaining.. .. i will relaunch my blog on 2013.. (if doomsday will allow.. ) ^_^!

06 February 2011

to forget and to let go

how hard can it be to forget? we can sometimes easily forget little details or even important ones.. so i think it all depends on how much you want to hold on to it.. no matter if it's important or not.. so my question should have been.. how hard is it to let go..

night person

ok.. having an iphone didn't really have any effect on my blog.. i still haven't made any significant number of posts. i've been really really busy with work.. with very frequent overtime.. i am not working normally.. it seems i tend to have the drive after offfice hours when there are no more people.. i'm a night person..

iphone apps

how come there are only a few hello kitty iphone apps.. it is somehow forcing me to make one although i don't really know how.. but i could try.. i used to make customize wallpapers for my previous phones but making one for an iphone could be a real challenge.. i might need help from my friends.. i hope they are not too busy..

16 January 2011


i'm actually hoping i'll get back to blogging again now that i got an iphone.. i used to think that if only i have a cellphone capable of connecting to wifi with aps like a blog writer, i'll be able to write more.. i just hope i'm right..

12 December 2010


my life right now is full of confused thoughts.. about my work.. about this guy i met while i was away for months before.. about my room.. my plans.. my future.. but even if there’s a lot of confusion right now.. i still manage to stay sane.. that is, if my definition of sanity is the same as that of yours.. being sane is being able to still go to work.. being able to think at work.. being able to sleep.. not having to think about crazy thoughts.. being able to do things i need to do and not like before when i was just in one corner doing nothing.. thinking of nothing.. like everything was blank..