16 April 2010

Chouette ♥ Hello Kitty Message LED Watches

i haven’t posted a Hello Kitty feature for this week yet.. i’m having a hard time to pick one.. i’ve decided to feature Hello Kitty LED watches by Chouette.. i do have some Hello Kitty watches but nothing like these Hello Kitty watches by Chouette.. although they look really nice, they are too expensive for me to buy.. i’ll just dream about them by making this feature..

Chouette ♥ Hello Kitty Chouette ♥ Hello Kitty Message (Back)

there’s just so little information i got.. but there are a lot of pictures though.. there are two types those that have a silicon straps and the other which is the high-end ones that come with galuchat straps..

Chouette ♥ Hello Kitty Message LED Watches (Silicon Straps)Chouette ♥ Hello Kitty Message LED Watches

there are four colors to choose from.. red, pink, yellow and purple.. they are shaped like Hello Kitty’s face fully covered with synthetic diamonds.. and with cute ribbons on them.. at first look, they really seem cute and pretty.. but since they are LED watches they had to be as big as your wrist to tell the time clearly.. but i wouldn’t mind having to wear really a really big watch if it’s Hello Kitty.. but still, i’m not so sure if it would look good on me.. to check the time, you have to press the button to make it light up.. it can also display the cute message “Especially For You” on LED.. but somehow, i’m not sure how readable it is during daytime.. but since it is big enough, it probably is readable enough.. in the dark though it is.. but only the time lights up.. i wished they also made the edges of Hello Kitty’s face light up too.. so i can see Hello Kitty in the dark..

Chouette ♥ Hello Kitty at daytime Chouette ♥ Hello Kitty in the dark

Chouette ♥ Hello Kitty Message LED Watches (High-End)Chouette ♥ Hello Kitty Message LED Watches these ones really look nice.. especially the baby pink one.. i really like the color of it.. the edges tracing Hello Kitty’s face and the ribbon are actually gold plated.. and just like the other designs they are covered with synthetic diamonds.. but these come with galuchat straps making them look more elegant.. available in black and baby pink..

some links say.. these watches are currently only available in some Asian countries and range from $600 - $800.. really too expensive for me.. i had to go to Chouette’s website to check it out.. but i’m totally disappointed with their website.. too much flash! on the front page, i didn’t noticed i had to click the bar below their logo to enter the site.. ok, it looked like a small bar for me but actually it’s a small, really very small “enter” text.. i just thought there was just an error and the page didn’t load.. luckily, i saw it is clickable and i was able to enter the site.. i went to read their story.. the scroll bar looks so inconspicuous.. i didn’t know it’s the scroll bar.. and you had drag it.. and for someone like me using a touchpad of a netbook.. it was hard.. you can’t even click page down or page up or even highlight the text to force it to scroll down.. and since i have a netbook.. everything won’t fit my screen and they disabled the main scroll bar… another note.. white text on a black background with diamonds.. is really hard to read.. anyway, there’s not much information on these watches on Chouette’s site.. just some pictures on the front after entering the site.. sorry if i went off topic about the website.. i couldn’t resist not to comment on it..

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