06 April 2010

Cursing H.A.T.E.

How I wish you were dead
A deadly path lying ahead
Thorns of pain you will feel
Every wound will never heal

How I wish you will burn
Ashes you will be in an urn
Tears of your blood will flow
Enduring every sorrow

How I wish you will suffer
Always and forever
To a place worse than hell
Ever so painful you can't tell


  1. Life is beautiful, because you're here
    Once a deadly path
    Via thorns and wounds that never healed
    Empty, life was so hard, so painful, so.. alone

    Lonesome I was,
    Only me on a path of tears, blood, and hate
    Vitality fading, floating away
    Everyone so far from me

    Left dull, you brightened my world
    Once alone and suffering, now loved
    Vexed and cold, now warm and caring
    Embraced and cared for, you make life beautiful


  2. WOW! O_O!
    i'm totally speechless..