16 March 2010

blog update #1

after ten days since i started posting on my blog.. all seems to be doing just fine i guess.. and i haven’t even done any major promotion yet for my blog.. but i’m not really into making real profit from blogging… but maybe in the future.. or in another blog.. anyway, my main purpose here is just to have some sort of online diary for myself.. to use this an an outlet of my thoughts.. feelings.. dreams.. failures.. questions.. about life itself..

spinstar things i did for my blogspinstar

  1. got google adsense
  2. signed up for amazon associates
  3. registered with technorati
  4. placed some widgets; mostly patterned with mildtouch’s
  5. had just put google analytics
  6. placed feedreader stats
  7. hello kittify almost every post ^_^

please leave a commentmy blog appeared on google search after six days.. and i’m getting visitors from different parts of the world but i’m not sure if they are really reading my blog.. i just hope so.. ‘cause no one has left any comments yet with any of my posts :( i need feedbacks.. reactions.. comments.. ‘cause i couldn’t even tell if i’m just writing crap or interesting and useful ones.. so please, if ever you feel the need to comment.. you are free to do so..


  1. Hi HK
    I am reading the blog and I feel the emptiness.
    Kitty, black and pink look is cool:) I found your blog via a site for depression (remain nameless) that was bright blue with a smilely women with ear phones on it was'nt doin it for me. You are not just writing crap! If you are it's very readable crap!Keep going

  2. my first comment! thanks! this really means a lot to me...