18 March 2010

blog update #2


i decided to remove FEEDJIT… i think it might scare some of my potential readers (i’m just being hopeful that there will be readers in the future).. i’ve noticed some visitors enter my blog and leave with feedjit’s link.. and with that, i sensed that some may be bothered by it.. seeing that their location gets traced for visiting my blog and even from which link they came from might really scare them away.. and for someone like me who wants to remain anonymous.. having my location hidden is a must! and i want to respect their privacy as well.. thanks to FEEDJIT for their services.. but i don’t think i’ll be needing them for now..

HK Line1

by the way,  just now i’ve allowed comments from anonymous users to be posted.. i was actually not aware that i have set it for registered users only.. sorry for that..


  1. hi friend can you see my message

  2. yea thanks for visiting :)