29 March 2010

i’m lost again

why do i feel like i don’t have any direction in life.. no goals.. no dreams.. no wants.. no needs.. nothing at all.. like i’m just standing in an empty field and all i can see is nothingness.. and i can just totally disappear in the fields and no one would even bother to look for me..

Lost in the Fields

i’m really lost.. and i can’t even answer the questions.. why am i here.. what is my purpose.. why do i live.. i remember a topic back in college on philosophy.. “i think, therefore i am”  (cogito ergo sum) it simply means that if someone is wondering whether or not he exists.. the act of thinking about it just proves that he does exist.. but still this doesn’t answer my question why do i exist..

if i stop thinking.. would it mean that my existence would end too?


  1. you don't need to disappear for me to look for you. whenever i need food, or want to watch a movie, like a certain now showing on april 3, i will always seek you... and find you.

  2. -_-! you'll come looking for me only when you need food or want to watch a movie?

    "Bad Odie!", says Jon (from Garfield :P)