26 March 2010

my family

here i am wanting to remain anonymous and yet i talk more about myself here (my blog) than to any people i know.. i was never close to anyone in my family.. not one of them really know me.. yet i am okay with it.. i am used to being this way.. alone.. so whenever i have a problem.. it’s just me.. no one else from my family would know.. i never knew why i had secluded myself from them.. or what even started it.. i just felt that i don’t belong at home.. that i don’t even belong in this world..

i wanted to write more about them but there isn’t really much to talk about..


  1. I know the feeling about the family thing. But they say friends are the family you get to choose and that is very true.

  2. you're right.. i have my friends :) there are some things that are hard to explain to my family.. and i really hate explaining myself.. some of my friends would understand me.. but i am not sure if there's anyone in this world that fully understands me.. i honestly don't even understand myself..