03 April 2010

blog update #3

i’ve joined some ning networks on hello kitty.. people there are really cool.. and i get to know more about hello kitty.. they are actually far more addicted to hello kitty than i am.. thank you for dropping by my blog..

NING Network

i’ve added some music on my sidebar.. i got it from mixpod.com.. the music links are actually connected to youtube.. i didn’t set it on auto play ‘cause i know how it feels like when you drop by a site and you suddenly hear some music and you would wonder where is it coming from.. it’s really confusing when you have too much windows or tabs opened.. and you have to check them one by one.. anyway, if you want to hear some music that i have personally chosen.. just click the play button.. unfortunately when you transfer to another page on my blog or even click read more.. the player refreshes.. so you need to click play again..

note: click the yellow play button below, not the play button on youtube.. if you clicked the play button on the video part.. it will play only that song and not the whole playlist

i have plans on joining facebook and myspace.. connecting this blog to twitter.. in other words, joining the social networking club!! but i’m actually a bit hesitant still.. since i wanted to stay anonymous.. i’ll think more about it..

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