04 April 2010

cleaning my closet

Hello Kittyi seem to have too much clothes.. and i noticed i had still kept clothes from five or more years back.. and i still wear them.. –_-! (sigh) even with clothes, i have a hard time letting go.. anyway, i’ve decided i will only keep those that would fit my closet.. separate those i’ll be wearing occasionally.. sort the rest according to use.. (1) will wear (2) will sometimes wear (3) will not wear.. actually, the hard part is knowing the difference among them.. and most of my clothes are still in good condition even if they are five or more years old.. probably, the problem with me is that i don’t get tired of wearing the same old stuff unlike most girls are.. i think i can even wear the same type of clothes everyday and not get tired of it.. like, if i get jailed and had to wear the same thing.. it won’t be a problem for me..

i’m really different.. i don’t even really like shopping.. there’s just too much decision making involved.. and i can be really choosy and picky.. and sometimes, the chances of me not having to buy anything for a whole day at the mall are high.. but there are times i would get to buy a lot.. it really depends.. i know of some girls who can’t leave the mall without buying anything.. but if i buy something that i don’t like that much.. i would end up not wearing it.. so better not buy it at all.. even if i go home empty handed..

so after this closet cleaning.. i’ve decided to buy at least one something new to wear.. every month? some girls do it on a weekly basis.. maybe monthly for me will be just fine.. i’ll start on may..

i have to keep in mind that change can be good sometimes..

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