13 April 2010

my poems

i’ve been posting some of my poems here since i started blogging.. they are actually old poems.. that serve as blog post fillers like filler episodes in an anime.. although they were written years ago.. and they do not directly reflect my present situation, emotions, feelings.. still, they are good to share..

Confused Hello Kitty i don’t remember the last time i wrote a poem.. i think most of my poems were written back then when i was still “hobby-hopping”.. i’d jump from one hobby to another.. trying to see which one i would really enjoy doing.. and still, i haven’t found yet which one.. believe me, i’ve tried a lot of hobbies out there except the sports related ones.. i’m not good with any sport.. so now, blogging is my new hobby.. it’s just a month old.. and i hope this isn’t a hobby i’m just hopping into and out from..


  1. Well didn't really have any hobbies until Hello Kitty came along and now it's been it full swing for only a year. lol

  2. waaah! for only a year only? i thought you were into hello kitty for a lot years already.. you've talked about hello kitty so so much more than some hello kitty fanatics i know.. you're doing good.. keep it up!

    ~hello kitty always makes me smile ^_^ whenever i see her.. that's what i like about her..