15 April 2010

a person of few words

Hello Kittyblogging is a challenge for me considering that i’m a person of few words.. i’m quiet and i don’t really talk that much.. and sometimes, i have a hard time expressing my thoughts and emotions.. myself as a whole.. i have been like this ever since.. sometimes my sister would get mad at me for not reacting at all.. i wonder why there are people who can’t keep their mouth shut even for just a minute while there are some like me who can’t talk continuously for a whole minute.. they say there are two things that make up one’s personality.. nature and nurture.. some say it’s acquired through genes.. so maybe one of my parents or maybe both were as quiet as me then.. but some say our personality is influenced by environmental factors.. so maybe something happened that made me this way.. i can’t really answer why i am like this.. it’s just the way i am..

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