22 April 2010


i may sometimes seem happy.. like i have no problems at all.. or i do not worry about anything.. especially with my calm nature.. but that’s just me.. i don’t want people to worry about me.. i try my best not to be a burden to people i care about.. even to a point that i had to pretend i’m ok even if i’m not.. that i’m happy even if i have been happy only for a few times in my life.. that i can handle everything even if they seem too much for me.. i’ll manage.. and if i can’t.. i can always ask for help from my friends..


  1. I have lost count the number of times I have said "I'm Fine" its the perfect response . You rarely get a response back because it means your not 100% and they dare not go any further I have never had the response "Just fine?". This possibly is the British reserve .Then a stranger walks past and says "cheer up it might never happen" and for some reason I smile and say "it already has" and I know I'm having a good day

  2. i get what you mean about "the perfect response".. there are really times when you don't feel like explaining or sharing when someone asks "how are you?" and sometimes it's easier to just say "i'm fine" so you don't have to explain yourself.. but some people are really too sensitive.. they would know if you are really fine or not.. but there are some who are both sensitive and annoying who keep asking for more answers even if you have told them already you are just fine.. different people.. different response.. that's what makes life interesting :)

  3. we have all bathed ourselves with our own black water, fed on our own pile of... mud, and shed our skin while under the sun.

    despite the depths of despair, disdain and disappointments, we endure our difficulties with unbeknownst doggedness.

    whether to discover other means of our end with, or holding onto a cord of life laid down by, an audience or a friend, such "dissembles" will e'er affect one other person despite the presumptions of ones disposition towards being alone.

    and yes, that last phrase was taken from a dictionary.