22 April 2010

Hello Kitty joins Earth Day 2010

April 22.. Earth Day 2010..

Hello Kitty joins Earth Day 2010

i really care about the environment.. and it hurts to see how much of it is slowly being destroyed.. seeing how worse the pollution has become every time i travel to work..  how evident is the effects of climate change.. how much worse the problem on garbage has become.. clearly, we need to take action.. every small contribution helps.. like conserving water and energy.. the 3R’s (reduce, recycle, and reuse).. make an effort now.. before it’s too late..

My Artwork

this is actually one of my artworks before.. one of the products of my “hobby-hopping”.. i really like painting landscapes and sceneries then.. and i’m actually thinking of trying it out again.. so if the environment gets destroyed.. what will inspire me to paint?

Earth Day 2010! Do your part!

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