27 June 2010

the real me

the silent kittyi haven’t really posted something about what i have been up to..  ‘cause i think there isn’t really anything going on that’s worth writing about..  although, there are a few.. i just didn’t feel like writing about them.. this is the real me.. quiet.. and selfish.. i don’t know why it’s hard for me to share myself to others.. sometimes i think maybe the reason i feel hollow or empty inside is that i am not really sharing myself.. i do not make any links or connections at all.. i’ll force myself to write more and maybe learn to open up..


  1. Don't worry I started out blogging not wanting to add myself to it but after a few months it got pretty easy to do.

  2. thanks for dropping by.. it's been awhile since i posted here.. i've been really busy adjusting to a new place.. far away from home.. but this is a short term work assignment anyway.. i'll be back to blogging soon enough.. :)