03 October 2010

i am back

i'm backsorry if i have been away from blogging these past few months.. there were a lot of diversions which i don’t think would matter.. so i don’t have to tell them all here.. besides, i hate explaining myself.. what matters is that i am back.. yet, i don’t know if i have changed or if i am different now.. but i still feel hollow.. empty.. like there’s this something i don’t know what that’s lacking in my life.. i really don’t have any direction.. i don’t know what i’m suppose to do.. what i plan to do.. like i have no dreams.. i’ve never really thought of the future.. i keep on asking myself “what do i want?” and i can’t seem to answer it.. so i was gone for work.. and i earned a few money i can call savings.. but what for? i don’t even know what i am saving for.. maybe i should make a list of things i want to have and things i want to do.. but then, i can actually go on with my life without having those things.. i’m not materialistic.. i can even imagine myself living in poverty and still be like this.. like i don’t really care at all.. ok, i think i need to go back to my previous post on “meaningful life”  ‘cause i seem to be getting “lost again”..

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